Blake Hagerty radios

Bethel Park High School Senior Blake Hagerty, an amateur radio enthusiast, stands with Bethel Park school police Officer Tim Kirsch.

Bethel Park High School Senior Blake Hagerty is an amateur radio enthusiast, and his hobby helped the school district with the purchase of new portable radios for the school police officers.

Earlier this school year, the Bethel Park Board of School Directors approved the purchase of four radios at a cost of $3,800. Blake suggested another model that had comparable functions to the original radios that were slated for purchase, but at a significantly lower cost.

The radios that Blake suggested were purchased at a little over $100 each and the school police officers tested the radios for over a month and were impressed with the range, clarity and simplistic features that the radios offered.

Because of the savings, the district was able to purchase 20 more of these radios, which are in the process of being distributed throughout the school district to facilitate communication.

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