Take a journey with us as we establish clarity of what we want to create for ourselves through a Guided Visualization exercise. Next, we will use that clarity to select pictures, words, slogans, etc that best represents what you are creating for yourself. Once you create the board, we will review practical ways to use the Vision Board as a tool for daily affirmation and motivation in achieving your goals.

At the end of this workshop you will leave with:

-A clear vision of what you want to create for yourself

-Your personal Vision Board

-Simple instructions on using your Vision Board daily

Join us for an afternoon of fun and creativity as we take time to clarify what your vision is, then make a vision board and begin manifesting what you want in your life.


  • Occurs Saturday, January 18th, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 2:30 pm


Aspect Life Coaching

1121 Boyce Road - Suite 1700 (Sainte Claire Plaza)
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241