Considering the weather in Western Pennsylvania, the likelihood of it raining on someone’s parade is fairly strong.

That’s what was occurring late in the afternoon of June 19 as members of the Bethel Park High School Class of 2020 gathered on West Library Avenue to begin a celebratory procession.

Graduate group

Harry Funk/The Almanac

Among the graduates braving the elements are: front, from left, Brooke Christian and Rachel Nahdkinsk; back, Jordyn Read and Hannah Ratti

For the recent graduates, the precipitation was kind of annoying in that it tended to ruin the messages they had written on their vehicles’ windows for the occasion. And while the rain was falling, it pretty much precluded the opening of sunroofs, for the sake of upholstery.

Nevertheless, everyone seemed to have as good a time as could be expected during the event, which was organized by Bethel Park’s municipality and school district to honor the graduating seniors.

Members of the class, after all, had faced the unprecedented circumstance of missing a considerable part of their senior year when schools closed after March 13 because of COVID-19.

By comparison, dealing with rain on a parade was a piece of cake.


Harry Funk/The Almanac

Vehicles line up on a wet West Library Avenue for the parade.

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