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Bethel Park recreation is looking to replace its old logo, at left, with a new one.

For Bethel Park residents who are looking for an enjoyable diversion, an opportunity is on the horizon.

Bethel Park Recreation is holding a logo and slogan contest as part of a rebranding effort “to become more current and relevant,” Cathy Muscato said.

As the director of Bethel Park Community Center and assistant recreation director for the municipality, Muscato is promoting entries in the two facets of the contest.

“Our official name used to be Bethel Park Recreation and Leisure Services, which is a mouthful,” she said. “We want to shorten that to reflect really what we are, Bethel Park Recreation. That says it all.

“To go along with that, we have had a very simple, I call it, a 1950s logo, two kind of stick pine trees. And that’s not in any way reflective of what we do anymore.”

The new logo can reflect the mission of Bethel Park Recreation in any number of ways.

“That means different things to different people,” Muscato said. “It could be sports. It could be reading. It could be drawing. It could be learning a new hobby. It could be going to the farmers market. It’s all-encompassing.

“And it’s open to anybody, people who are artists by profession all the way down to people like myself, who are stick-drawing people.”

Bethel Park residency is required, and the contest has a few other stipulations. Entrants should not use the Black Hawks logo associated with the school district

“That’s a great logo from them, but that’s not us,” Muscato said.

In that same vein, overwhelming black-and-orange color schemes also are to be avoided. The words “Bethel Park Recreation” are not to be used in the logo, and the slogan should be fewer than seven words.

In addition to having the fruits of their creativity featured in Bethel Park Recreation materials, the winners of each category will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate. And the same person, if innovative enough, is eligible to win both.

Submissions must be emailed to by Aug. 18.

In the meantime, Bethel Park Recreation continues its weekly farmers market from 3 to 7 p.m. Tuesdays in the VIP parking lot off Corrigan Drive in South Park. The 2020 market is featuring 32 vendors, “which is as many or more than we’ve had most other years,” Muscato said.

“We talk to our vendors every week, and all of them have said that their sales this year are just fantastic,” she said. “They’re having a very good season.”

At this point, the market is scheduled through Sept. 29, and safety requirements to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 are in place each week.

“We’re going to poll our vendors and see if they’re interested in going into October, which is unusual for us,” Muscato said. “But given the strangeness of this year, we may go a little beyond.”

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