Scammers are trying to rip off Pennsylvania business owners with fraudulent letters from the state’s Department of Revenue.

The department issued a warning about the scam last week. According to a press release, the letter tells the recipient they are being investigated for “alleged violation of delinquent sales tax liability.”

The letter asks business owners to provide accounting records and includes contact information for a “resolution officer.”

“Providing this information allows the scammers to comb through the accounting records for sensitive information such as bank account numbers and other financial data, which could be used to make unauthorized transactions, request fraudulent tax refunds, and even apply for loans under the name of the business,” the release states.

The letters include the name and logo of the department of revenue, but have several signs of being counterfeit.

According to the release, the fake letters do not include a return address. They also address the recipient as, “dear business owner.” An official letter from the department of revenue would most likely be addressed to the business owner directly or to the name of the business.

The letters also claims to be from the “Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Tax Investigation and Enforcement Unit” and says the business is being investigated by the “Pennsylvania State Revenue and Cash Disbursement Unit.” These “units” are fictitious.

If a business owner believes they may have received one of these letters, they can contact the department of revenue at 717-787-1064.


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