New high school September 2019

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Progress on the new Peters Township High School as of mid-September, as viewed from East McMurray Road

In construction, a recovery schedule represents plans for reaching targeted completion for a project that may fall somewhat behind.

Such a schedule is in the works to help ensure the new Peters Township High School is finished in November 2020, to accommodate the school district’s plans to transition to the new building at the start of 2021.

Roshelle Fennell of Reynolds Construction LLC, the construction management firm for the high school project, said contractors are on board for a recovery schedule.

“I’ve already met with all of them privately, individually, and they’ve all agreed to sign it,” she said during her monthly project update at Monday’s school board meeting.

The intention is to iron out revisions this week, she said.

“You’ll have a few things behind schedule, but you have a lot ahead of schedule,” Fennell said. “So I think we’re right on track.”

In the natatorium, the placement of joists for wall framing should take place next week.

“That has been delayed slightly because those walls were not ready. However, the installation at the auditorium went much faster than the gymnasium, so we anticipate the same for the natatorium,” Fennell told the board, citing the relative sizes of the various areas.

Regarding the overall construction site, she mentioned some facets that have been completed, including a telecommunications line, stormwater piping and sanitary sewerage around the building. A conduit for permanent electrical service is expected to be finished soon, and work is to start on bases for light poles.

Also in connection with the project, the school board Monday approved four change orders, work added to the original scope of the contracts, totaling $31,358.41. The money comes from a contingency fund built into the budget to cover such costs.

The board also approved spending $19,000 to purchase an air compressor and phase protection at the current high school.

“We’ve had some electrical issues in prior years in the area, and when we have what’s called phase loss or brownout, that can damage motors,” said Brandon Womer, district director of buildings and grounds.

Under such conditions, equipment draws excessive current and can overheat.

In other business, the school board announced policy committee meetings scheduled for 6:30 p.m.: buildings and grounds, Sept. 23; finance, Oct. 3; and policy, Oct. 14. The finance committee discussion will involve plans for the current high school after the new one opens.

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