Bethel Park

• The Bethel Park High School Chapter of the National Honor Society selected 95 students for induction into its Class of 2020, including four seniors, 21 juniors and 70 sophomores.

To be eligible to induction, students must maintain a 3.85 cumulative grade point average, perform a minimum of 35 hours of community service in the year prior to induction, and demonstrate leadership and character.

Inducted this year were seniors Sean Heh, Jacob Marzina, Aiden Moncavage and Anthony Stephon.

Juniors inducted were John Alacce, Weeam Boumaza, Declan Brusoski, Jake Cook, Abigail Diel, Kellie Fedkoe, Michael Francus, Andrew Fullerton, Zach Haddox, Gabriella Johnson, Zoe Knight, Alessia Moreno, Ethan Nerone, Dominic Palombia, Ethan Petrick, Ryan Puskar, Maya Ripley, Carly Roberts, Nathan Rooney, Olivia Vituccio and Marguerite Young.

The sophomores who were inducted are Sara Ackerman, Eammon Anderson, Anastacia Antonucci, Emma Becker, Michael Bostaph, Margaret Bronco, Robert Brooks, Michael Bruni, Isabel Burke, Sean Burns, Megan Cunningham, Stefania DiPrampero, Keelan Donovan, Emma Dziezgowski, Sean Eckert, Aletris Eckert, Oluwatoyosi Egbebi, Meghan Erfort, Kristie Faber, Sadie Fedor, Isabelle Finnegan, Lily Gaston and Sarah Gilliland.

Also inducted were sophomores Alex Greene, Abigail Griffith, John Hatten, Isabella Heasley, Julie Heh, Willow Hernishin, Victoria Hoffman, Isabella Horgan, Jack Hruby, Riley Hunter, David Jakel, Emma Karstensen, David Kessler, Victoria Krapp, Anna Levis, Braden Lloyd, Rebecca Mack, Olivia Magnu, Lily Marchand, Macy Mathias, Klaudia Menko, Riley Miller, Katelyn Muench and Julianne Murphy.

Additionally, sophomores Joshua Narr, Abby Quickel, Max Radcliffe, Haylee Rapali, Brendan Ridge, Anna Rosemeier, Allison Scarlett, Frederick Schein, Caitlyn Schultz, Max Smith, Alexandra Sniegocki, William Sokira, Mackenzie Stephenson, Kate Sullivan, Madison Thiele, Jadon Tietz, Olivia Underwood, Brooke Veith, Katerina Velisaris, Madilyn Walters, Anastasia Williams, Abbey Wright and Isabella Zallo were among this year’s inductees.

• Eighteen Bethel Park High School students qualified for induction into the school’s Latin Honor Society.

To be eligible for induction, students must maintain a 90 percent average for a minimum of two years of high school Latin and be in good classroom standing.

Inducted this year were sophomores Lily Gaston, Sarah Gilliland and Matt Kurtz. Also inducted were juniors Tanush Bahl, Grace Gealey, Matt McGrath, Cassidy Misak, Sarah Plotz, Zack Rectenwald, Kate Wholey and Malik Yasin.

Seniors who will graduate with a 90 percent Latin average are Alex Brownfield, Hannah Crawford, Edric Craven, Sebastian DiPrampero, Xavier Gaefke, Hannah Gold and Claudia Huber.

The students are taught by Ellen Conrad.

Upper St. Clair

• A team of Upper St. Clair High School juniors earned honorable mention recognition in the 2020 MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge. Christian Chiu, Harrison Chui, Jack Myers and Sophia Shi will receive a $1,000 scholarship to be split equally.

Now in its 15th year, the 2020 M3 Challenge saw students spend 14 consecutive hours between Feb. 28 and March 2 using mathematical modeling tools to solve a real-world problem by collecting data and creating models, and submitting their solutions online.

This year’s problem asked teams to create a model to predict what percentage of semi-trucks will be electric in the next few years and decades, determine the number and locations of charging stations along major U.S. trucking routes that are needed for an all-electric trucking industry, and to prioritize which routes should be developed with electric charging infrastructure first.

More than 3,500 students participated in the challenge. Upper St. Clair High School was one of 50 teams from Pennsylvania that competed this year and one of only two Pennsylvania schools to earn recognition.

M3 Challenge is a program of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) designed to motivate students to study and pursue careers in science, math, and computing.

• Upper St. Clair students in sixth through 12th grades earned high honors in the recent Pennsylvania Math League contest.

Sixth-graders finished first in the eight-county region and second overall among 73 schools from throughout Pennsylvania.

Individually, sixth-grader Luke An achieved the highest score in the eight-county region and the second highest score in Pennsylvania. Also scoring among the top 34 in Pennsylvania were Arth Italiya, Will Whitman, Sara Gillespie and Zahra Hossain.

Fort Couch Middle School students also earned high honors with seventh-graders finishing first in the eight-county region and fifth among 57 schools in Pennsylvania. Jamie Barrett, Eitan Schwartz and Yuhong Shi finished among the top 32 students in the commonwealth.

Fort Couch Middle School eighth-graders placed second in the region and fourth among 57 schools in Pennsylvania. Libby Eannarino, Leona Chen, Arjun Suresh and Brian McFerran were among the 33 top-scoring eighth graders in Pennsylvania.

Middle school students were given 30 minutes to solve 35 questions, varying from simple and straightforward to complex math problems. The school’s team score, comprised of the school’s top five scores, is reported to the Pennsylvania Math League.

Upper St. Clair High School was the highest scoring school among the 17 participating high schools in Allegheny County and tied for fourth among the 102 schools in Pennsylvania. Seniors Braden Yates and Katie Hobart were recognized as high scoring students in the commonwealth.

The PML specializes in conducting math contests designed to stimulate student interest and confidence in mathematics.

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