Quill and Scroll

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Inductees to the Bethel Park High School Chapter of Quill & Scroll are, from left, Katie Crooks, Gavin Campbell, Juliana Carbone, Nick Guimond, Angeline Lorenz, Korey Hajduk, Grace Regan, Alex Mullen, Mikaela Narr, Brady Stallings, Victoria Slawinski, Lauren Mullen and Amber Schnupp. Not pictured are Danika Moody and Maria Cerro.

Eighth-graders honored

Independence Middle School held its annual eighth-grade awards program to recognize students who excelled academically, athletically, musically and for their efforts to lead and help their fellow students.

Awards were presented to: Anastasia Williams and Evan Manion – American Legion Award; Natalie Miller and Bella Hogan – Sgt. Russel Kurtz Patriotism Award; Frank Visnikar and Jack Hatten – VFW Patriot’s Penn Essay Contest; Victoria Hoffman – Bethel Woman’s Club Award; Taylon Jeffries and Toyosi Egbebi – Principal’s Award; Jack Kirchner and Abby Griffith – Assistant Principal’s Award; Aidan Gorman and Kaylin Bauer – Counselors’ Award; Luca Ragnelli, Jack Kirchner, Sara Sodini, Katerina Velisaris, Rosemary Boateng, Michael Bruni, Abigail Griffith, Julie Heh, Victoria Hoffman, Victoria Krapp, Macy Mathias, Janel Nguyen, Olivia Underwood, Keelan Donovan and Anna Wageley – Spanish Awards; Shelby Yonish, Zachary Bradford, Kaylin Bauer and Nicholas Como – German Awards; Aleko Fekos, Kylie Moon, Anna Rosemeier, Isabelle Finnegan and Briauna Harris – French Awards; Lily Gaston and Jameson Meyers – Latin Awards; Alyjah Carter, Shia Epperson and Anayah Hunter – FCCLA Awards; Olivia Underwood, Sadie Fedor, Kaitlyn Muench, Victoria Hoffman, Anna Rosemeier, Elijah Straub and Ella Stewart – Drama Club Awards; Isabella Zallo and Evan Isenberg – Nancy Gleason Gavola Award in Drama; Kaylin Bauer – Suzanne Reid Music Award; James Myers (Argumentative) and Tori Krapp (Narrative) – Stephen Chbosky Writing Award; Ben Tupper and Julie Heh – Marissa Boyan Scholar Athlete Award; Girls Soccer Team – IMS Athletic Team Academic Award; Anna Rosemeier and John Robert (Team 8A); Abigail Griffith and Maxwell Blanc (Team 8B); and Sadie Fedor and Frederick Schein (Team 8C) – Stephanie Petit Award; Rosemary Boateng, Alexandros Fekos, Victoria Hoffman, Janel Nguyen and Anna Rosemeier – Attendance Awards.

BP Quill and Scroll

The Bethel Park High School Chapter of Quill and Scroll, the International Honor Society for High School Journalists, recently inducted 15 new members.

Logan Wright and John Allemang

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Logan Wright and his teacher John Allemang

Inducted this year were seniors Gavin Campbell, Danica Moody and Amber Schnupp; juniors Maria Cerro, Nicholas Guimond, Korey Hajduk, Angeline Lorenz, Alex Mullen, Mikaela Narr and Victoria Slawinski; and sophomores Juliana Carbone, Katherine Crooks, Lauren Mullen, Grace Regan and Brady Stallings.

The students were recognized for their work on the school’s Hawk Eye online newspaper, Beacon yearbook, Black Hawk TV station and Vernissage literary magazine, and selected by the advisers of those activities for induction.

The students received pins and certificates as part of their induction.

Also receiving special recognition for his efforts was freshman Logan Wright.

Bethel Park teachers who serve as advisers for the students are John Allemang, Hawk Eye and Beacon; Brad Kszastowski, Black Hawk TV ;and Charles Youngs, Vernissage. Youngs serves as Bethel Park’s Quill and Scroll Chapter Coordinator.

Delivering the Keynote Speech about the importance of community journalism was Harry Funk, writer for The Almanac, who heralded the work of community newspapers for their continued commitment to telling the stories of local communities. Funk encouraged the students to keep their skills evolving and stressed the importance of accuracy.

French students recognized

Thirty-two Bethel Park High School students received recognition for their high scores on the Le Grand Concours 2018, the National French Exams, sponsored by the National Teachers of French.

Freshmen Marissa Wycinsky and Tobias Roule earned Gold Medals on the French II Exam. Gold medalists must score in the 95th percentile nationally to receive the distinction.

Earning Silver Medals for scoring in the 85th to 90th percentile were seniors Ryan Cook, Kayla Armstrong and Haley Radcliffe on the French V exam; juniors Cameron Sillman and Joseph Bilski on the French IV exam; junior Anton Yanovich on the French III exam; and sophomore Caleb Shook and freshman Weeam Boumaza on the French II Exam.

Earning Bronze Medals for scoring in the 75th percentile were sophomore Jaxon Stewart on the French III exam and freshmen Abigail Phillips and Evan Zelt on the French II exam.

Earning honorable mentions for scoring between the 50th and 70th percentile were seniors Madison Newman and Jacob Opie on the French V exam; senior Cameron Carroll and juniors William Martin-Farmer, Kara Wentz, Zachary Janus and Vanessa Vargo on the French IV exam; junior Rachel Anischenko and sophomores Ruth Rubican, Lillian Zeminski, Miranda Johns, Tianna Torles, Azalynn Coblentz and Roma Eisel on the French III exam; and sophomore Karen Cristina Juarez and freshmen Rylee Turoski, Madelyn Hoffman, Natalie Manns and Scott Orzechowski on the French II Exam.

The students are taught by Bethel Park High School French teachers Tracy McCoy and Rachael Smith.

Governor’s School

Rebecca Schwartz, a student at Mt. Lebanon High School and the daughter of Beth and Matt Schwartz, is participating in the prestigious Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences (PGSS) at Carnegie Mellon University. Governor’s School began July 1 and will run through Aug. 4. The rigorous, five-week program provides talented Pennsylvania rising high school seniors with enrichment experiences in the sciences and mathematics and encourages them to pursue careers in science and technology. Only 56 students statewide were accepted into this year’s program from among 302 applicants. Students accepted into the Governor’s School for the Sciences are among the top achievers at their schools.


St. Elizabeth Elementary School in Pleasant Hills is accepting registrations for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Care is available before and after school. For more information, call the school office at 412-881-2958.

National Merit scholarships

Two members of the Upper St. Clair High School Class of 2018 have earned college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards through the National Merit Scholarship Corp. and their respective universities.

Michael Hrehocik earned a National Merit Rochester Institute of Technology Scholarship. He plans to pursue a degree in game design and development.

Spencer Miller, who will study mathematics, earned a National Merit University of Chicago Scholarship.

Latin Honor Society

Twenty-seven Bethel Park High School students were inducted into the National Junior Classical League’s Latin Honor Society for outstanding academic achievement and citizenship in Latin class during the 2017-2018 school year.

Seniors Alex DiPrampero, Alyssa George, Alexandra Keplar, Elizabeth Hartnett, Korey Patterson, Saige Pinke, Brianna Shannon and Joe Wright received honor cords.

Receiving certificates were juniors Eliza Albenze, Sean Conroy, Natalie Farmerie, Ariana Guerra, Angeline Lorenz, Brenna Manko, Jenna Peretin, Julianne Stein, Ryan Tischler and Julia Wright.

Also receiving certificates for their induction were Alex Brownfield, Andrew Cassano, Hannah Crawford, Marissa Christenson, Sebe DiPrampero, Liam Fink, Xavier Gaefke, Claudia Huber and Mark Vighetti.

The students are taught by Bethel Park High School Latin teacher Ellen Conrad.