Bethel Park officials and residents help cut a ribbon to mark the completion of a flood mitigation project on Thunderwood Road in the municipality. The area had been impacted by severe flooding in 2018.

The $1.053 million Thunderwood Drive flood mitigation project has been completed and a ribbon-cutting event was held June 24 to mark the occasion.

The area of the Bethel Park community had substantially been impacted by flooding in 2018.

The project consisted of a two-step approach. First, stormwater from an exiting pipe was placed into a new pipe to free up space in the existing pipe.

Next a new swale was created to intercept the majority of the water that travels overland to the rear of area homes. This vegetated channel is used in land development designs to divert stormwater runoff.

Now, both the pond and swale drain to the existing pond.

Specifically, 1,220 linear feet of new 42-inch storm sewer pipe was installed along with eight new manholes and 940 LF of new swale was installed. The existing storm sewer pipe, which runs behind area homes, was rehabilitated from the inside as a proactive maintenance tactic to eliminate the need to excavate the pipe to replace it.

The project was funded through a Pennvest Loan and a $100,000 H2O grant. A placard will be placed in this area indicating that the funds for the project were through a grant.

“As we move forward, it’s imperative that the swale stay intact. Therefore, reminder cards will be sent out yearly to residents near the area reminding them not to dump in the swale and to keep it maintained,” said Municipal Director of Engineering Stacey Graf.

“These efforts will help to mitigate the water in the rear of area properties and, hopefully, make a significant difference during large rain events.”

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