Public hearings dominated much of the Upper St. Clair Commissioners meeting Sept. 3.

The board approved St. Clair County Club’s request for unified conditional use and preliminary and final land development. St. Clair Country Club, located at 2300 Old Washington Road, plans to do renovations to the existing pool facilities and related site improvements.

While not part of the public hearing, township officials questioned representatives from St. Clair County Club about their plans to prevent stray golf balls from the driving range from landing in neighboring yards.

Steve Gonzalez, general manager of the club, said they officials met with an architect and collected data in an attempt to rectify the problem. Plans include positioning tee boxes and reorienting the golfers, as well as adding a net. Gonzalez said they are placing bids for nets and have applied for a variance from the township to add a net in the area near their neighbors.

In other business, the board heard testimony regarding the Ardolino Development Plan. The nonresidential planned development near Boyce Road calls for a new restaurant and additional parking behind Sage Organic Spa.

V.R. Associates had concerns about the stormwater management plan for the Ardolino Development. The neighboring St. Clair Plaza property had incurred flooding in the past and had stormwater management experts review the Ardolino Development plans. Geoffry Phillips of Phillips & Associates said he thought nine items did not meeting Upper St. Clair’s stormwater management ordinance.

Board president Mark Christie said the township staff would review those items and make a judgement before the continuation of the public hearing Oct. 7.

The board also approved a request to withdraw the request for amended tentative approval for Tuscany Pointe, a planned residential development at 1500 McLaughlin Run Road.