Kinsley Uhrin zipline

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Kinsley Uhrin enjoys her zip-line ride during South Fayette Township Community Day.

Viewed from ground level, a platform protruding 21 feet above doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

Standing on it is another story.

As youngsters – some intrepid adults, too – climbed a ladder skyward at one of the prime South Fayette Township Community Day attractions, they discovered what a difference perspective makes.

Annabelle Caprio and Alicia White

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Annabelle Caprio, left, prepares Alicia White for her zip-line ride.

“I was slightly terrified when I got up to the top,” Alicia White admitted. “As you could hear, I screamed all the way down. But it was fun.”

The Aug. 25 event marked the first time the South Fayette resident took a ride on a zip-line, stepping off the platform and whooshing along attached to a downward-sloping steel cable for a few exhilarating seconds.

“My nephew decided he wanted to do it,” she said, “so I figured I would give it a try, too, to maybe encourage him a little bit.”

Bringing the attraction to South Fayette was Philadelphia Mobile Zipline Co. Jessi Caprio, who co-owns the company with her husband, Jim, traveled across the state with daughter Annabelle and some of her friends, who set everything up and made sure everyone was prepared for the utmost in safety.

Annabelle explained that the zip-line is limited to people weighing between 40 and 250 pounds – that rules out a certain journalist, at least until his current weight-loss efforts proceed a bit further – and at heights between 3 feet and 6 feet 8 inches.

“We haven’t had anyone that tall yet,” she said.

This marks the third year for South Fayette Township Community Day following a decade’s hiatus as a healthy crowd gathered at Fairview Park for wide varieties of music, vendors’ booths, food and drink, and bunches of activities for young people.

And the weather even cooperated.

Jenna Miller

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Jenna Miller enjoys her zip-line ride during South Fayette Township Community Day.

Vanessa Kushner

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Vanessa Kushner enjoys her zip-line ride.

Raina Campbell

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Raina Campbell enjoys her zip-line ride.

Nicholas Fornella

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Nicholas Fornella glides to the ground, where Abby DeFreese is ready to assist him.

Jacob Miller

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Jacob Miller is secured in a harness by Annabelle Caprio.

Nathaniel Keller

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Nathaniel Keller enjoys his zip-line ride.

Mason Miller

Harry Funk / The Almanac

Mason Miller enjoys his zip-line ride.

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